On Tuesday, 1 May, within the project titled “Sztuka konwersacji” in the theatre room of Cricoteka, a meeting took place during which Małgorzata Domagalik welcomed a special guest: the distinguished Polish film director Roman Polański. Just this once we were invited to a shared journey and discussion about his life, values and sense of life. The guests had an opportunity to have a unique contact with the master. The possibility of active participation in the discussion, the cooperation of masters, individuality – these elements made the event so unique. The meeting of these two realities took place at one table in the theatre room of Cricoteka, and the culinary stage was set by Flaming Restaurant.

“MasterClass. Sztuka konwersacji” is a cycle of intimate meetings at one table for those who celebrate every moment and for those for such an undirected performance of creative discussion and exchange of ideas with another human being is a value in itself. The idea behind the meetings is based on the professional experience of Małgorzata Domagalik in conducting psychological interviews with culture, business and politics personalities. Each meeting starts with a recital of world-class artist from Ludwig van Beethoven management company. Once the discussion is over, the guests can enjoy their dinner at a shared table served by the best chefs.