Dear Sirs and Madams!

Flaming Group (the owner of Flaming & Co. brand / Flaming restaurant in Warsaw and Flaming Latte in Sopot), declares that from April 2015 onwards it is not further responsible for the activities, the quality of offer and services rendered by the venue in Sopot, thus far being under the brand of Flaming & Co. From that day on, the restaurant is no longer supervised by us and we ask you not to associate its activities with our brand. If you would like to still use venues under our supervision, we kindly invite you to Flaming Restaurant in Warsaw (ul. Chopina 5).

We want to stress that Flaming & Co. has been present on the market for 8 years and for the 6 years of its functioning it established for itself a label associated with exquisite cuisine, unique atmosphere and our top priority was and still is attention to details. Flaming Group carries out catering activity, as well as renders organization and banquet services. Over time, we have organized many events that formed a part of social life in Poland. Such events include for example 1st birthday of Harper’s Bazaar, CSIO Show Jumping in Sopot, Gałkowo Masters or the release of Porsche Macan or Polish release of the perfumes of Anja Rubik.


We hope that soon we will see you in Flaming restaurant in Sopot.

Until the next time!

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